Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

It was a 'bit' of a rough night last night.  Emma was up four different times for various reasons... so three of us were tired in the morning!  The kids got a burst of energy though when they discovered that the Easter bunny had come!  They found chocolate eggs all over the trailer!

 The best part was that they got a chess set!  They immediately had to start playing a game!
 We had a nice relaxed morning and then we all got ready to go to church.  We attended Sacrament meeting at 11:00 in a chapel near the campground and then, after we'd eaten lunch, we headed down to walk around the temple and go through the Visitor's Center.
 I absolutely loved getting to see flowers out and green grass!  It was so nice and hot!
 The kids loved climbing the steps on the temple and posed for multiple pictures... they even ask for certain pictures to be taken now!
 It was such a perfect way to spend Easter Sunday.
 The Visitor's Center had a couple touch screens with different activities that the kids loved to play with.  They would have spent all afternoon playing on them!  Emma even learned how to e-mail the picture of the temple that she'd colored to me!

 While we were in the Visitor's Center, we had a sister missionary take our picture for us.
 As we were walking around, I also ran in to Linda Jacobs from Mountain View!  She called me 'Shauna' until Lennard corrected her, but it was nice to sit and visit with her.  She had a bunch of family down that were watching one of the movies.

After the Visitor's Center, we decided to go do the tour of Brigham Young's Winter home.  We were in a tour of 10 people and the missionaries did a good job, but the kids were pretty done by then. They were still extremely well behaved, but as the tour went on, they got a little antsy.  They were extremely glad to get back to the trailer.

We let them change into their play clothes while we made dinner.  We had steaks on the barbeque!  Yum!  We played Dutch Blitz for a while (although the kids didn't like it as much as UNO or Skip-Bo).  It has been really hot today... 29°C. It's been a big adjustment being that warm after our colder temperatures up North!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Long Driving Day

We had a long day of driving today and I didn't take many pictures, but we got in to way better weather!  We were on the road by 7:30ish and finally stopped at a gas station about 1:00 to get some lunch.  The kids had fun exploring and convinced Lennard that he needed to climb the 'hill' to see what they could see.
 It's always good when they can get out and run and stretch, and we had the perfect spot to let them play.  We were away from all the other big trucks and it didn't get busy until we headed out.
 We arrived in St. George about 5:00pm and got set up at our campground.
It is definitely NOT a great campground...although we were told we had the 'best' site, so we had a tree for shade and a bit of grass for the kids to play on (which the other sites definitely didn't have). The benefit to the campsite is that it's in a super convenient location for everything we are going to be doing this week.

Once everything was set up, we raced over to Costco before it closed to get a small table for our trailer and then we hit Albertson's to get some groceries.  We had dinner after we got back to the trailer, although our meal plan went out the window when Lennard and Emma saw someone cooking ribs outside Albertson's!  Guess what they had for dinner!  Ben just wanted mac & cheese.  lol

Friday, April 14, 2017

Vacation Time!

We have been looking forward to getting away for a while now.  It has been a rough seven months since Lennard broke his wrist, work worries, family ups and downs... we just needed a break.  We got everyone ready and in the truck by 7:30am and were on our way to St. George, Utah!  To say that the kids were excited would be an understatement... especially when they discovered our new DVD players hidden in our headrests.  
We managed to make them wait until after the border crossing before we let them watch a movie.  Im sure they thought the border would never come! lol The nice thing with these DVD players is that they can either watch a movie together, or choose to watch two different movies - which is what they did!

 We ended up running into a bit of crazy weather.  If it had just stayed snow it would have been okay, but we had some weird squalls and some ridiculously strong wind that completely sucked the gas tank dry.

 We were extremely grateful to pull in to the Wal-Mart parking lot in Idaho Falls where we stayed the night.  It was so windy and cold!  Thank goodness for a heated trailer!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Surprises

Ben was SO excited to show me his Easter basket and Easter egg that he'd made at school.  I think he walked home at half-speed, just to make sure it got here without breaking!
 He was also pretty excited to open the Kinder Surprise that the teachers had given him!
Then, later today when we were getting dinner ready, there was a knock on the door, and Emma's Primary teachers (Woodruff's) came to deliver an Easter treat for her!  She was so excited to get rice krispy 'eggs' and lots of chocolate treats, but I love that she went straight for the picture of the Savior and put it in her room immediately.
I feel so blessed to live where we do.  We have fabulous neighbors, a wonderful ward and amazing friends.

Monday, April 10, 2017

New Cast

When Lennard got the cast put on (on the 3rd), he was not happy about it... not just that he had to have a cast, but that it was so poorly put on!  The gal definitely didn't know what she was doing... after as many casts as Lennard has had, he knows what's right and what's not.  There were so many sharp edges on it that it was cutting into his hand.  He'd taken to breaking off pieces to try to make it better.  They ended up having to do an outage at work yesterday and his cast got filthy.  There was no way he was going to have a cut up, dirty cast on for another month, so he called Dr. White and left a message.  They called back this morning and said that if he could be in Calgary by 11:00 they would get him a new cast!  He raced home, got the van and was on his way within minutes.  Thankfully, he made it in time and they got him a new properly fitted/padded cast.  Emma has been begging him to have a pink cast, so this time... he got half and half - just for her!  She was SO excited when she saw it that she started screaming and jumping up and down.  She's definitely got her daddy wrapped around her little finger!  Hopefully this will be the very last cast!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


We hadn't told the kids about the trampoline, but when they saw the box in the garage yesterday they were SO excited!  We had to wait for the snow to melt, but the second Lennard walked in the door from work this afternoon they were hounding him to start putting the trampoline together!  I had leave to photocopy/laminate FHE kits for our upcoming RS activity, so by the time I got back, he'd got the main frame, mat and pad put together.  The kids were thrilled!

After dinner, I went out with him and we got the surround put together and installed.  It is so much better than our last trampoline that was literally falling apart every time the kids jumped on it.  We'd talked about trying to get the mat resewn, but this new trampoline was only slightly more expensive than resewing the mat and it came with the padding and surround.  We feel a lot better with the kids jumping on this one!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Doctor's Appointment

We left just before 6:00am yesterday morning and got home from Utah in time to say hi to the kids before getting them in to bed!  We had lots of rain, but the drive was okay.  We weren't happy to wake up this morning to find crazy amounts of snow though!  It always seems to happen every time we have to go to Calgary.  This was the worst roads we've had going up though.  They were nasty!
 We managed to find a plow and we just stayed behind it as long as we could.  Once we got past Fort Macleod the road were okay.  We got to the appointment on time and, for once, they got him in quickly!  We had hardly any wait at all!
 Lennard was so happy to get his cast removed and to be able to wash his hand.
 Unfortunately, after looking at the CT scan, Dr. White said that he'd need to have another cast put on. He said that the break looks to be healed to about 25-49%... meaning he wants the bone to be healed to at least 50% before he won't cast it.  Lennard was very upset and frustrated.  By the time he gets his next appointment it will be almost 7 1/2 months in a splint/cast.  He's so done with being in a cast!