Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Emma has been so excited for Valentine's Day that we've had multiple cards drawn for us throughout the past two weeks.  Emma gave me this one on Sunday.  I love finding notes and cards from her... especially with her 'words of wisdom' in them!  She is such an amazing little girl and I am blessed to be her mommy. 

(FE = From Emma)

It was a super, crazy, busy day today!  I was in charge of Tasting Tuesday at the Elementary School this morning, so I had to be at the school (with the kids) by 8:00.  I got everything set up in good time and we were done by just after 9:00 since we were doing grape tomatoes and didn't have to cut/prep anything.

Then, I had to go get Elaine H so we could go visiting teaching.  We got done just in time for me to run to Extra Foods and buy some treats for Emma's class party this afternoon (since I didn't have time to make anything).  I raced back up to the school, dropped off the treats, and picked Ben up from kindergarten.

We got lunch and then had to go get groceries and the mail.  On the way back, we stopped in at the shop to see Lennard for a few minutes.  After I got everything put away, I had a few minutes to breath while making Valentine treats up for Emma's dance class!

It was my turn to drive for carpooling to dance class, so as soon as Emma was dressed and ready to go after getting home from school, we were on the road to pick up kids and get them to dance.  I then had one whole hour by myself sitting in the van!  Silence is golden!

We didn't get home until 5:30 and by then I was done.  I'd taken stuff out for dinner, but I just couldn't make myself put everything together knowing that it would be another hour before I could get everything done and the kids were already complaining that they were starving!  We ended up going out for Chinese food and thankfully both kids ate well.  I was so tired that, once the kids were in bed, I was more than happy to call it an early night.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Crazy Snow!

The snow started falling Sunday and pretty well hasn't stopped!  It's nuts!  We've got over two feet of snow!  School was cancelled yesterday and because school was cancelled so was gymnastics. Unfortunately, Lennard had to go back to work!  Boo!  He's been off for the last four weeks since his surgery on his wrist and it has been wonderful having him home.  I think in some ways he was ready to go back to work, but in lots of ways he wasn't.  He still can't do much there, so it's pretty frustrating for him.

The kids and I hung out in our pajamas for most of the morning.  We had German pancakes for breakfast and just enjoyed a lazy day.  Pretty soon the doorbell rang and the neighbor kids were asking for Emma and Ben to come out and play in all the snow!  They threw on their winter gear and headed outside.  There is so much snow that it's hard for them to walk in it.  They played for quite a while and then all came inside our house to warm up.

It's been a super chill day - without a whole lot getting accomplished.  Sometimes, you just need days like that... right?!  lol

School was on today, but our street is so packed with snow I was worried I'd get stuck in the van, so I walked the kids to school.  It's a good thing we walked too because they were clearing snow in front of the school and there were huge windrows of snow that the kids would have attempted to climb.  We ended up walking to the end of the block where it was plowed and got in to the school that way.  It was really cold too!  I managed to get the van out and get Ben from kindergarten and then I picked Emma up a bit early from school so that she could get changed and get to her dance class in Mountain View.  They usually don't have classes when school is cancelled (which Mountain View school was again today), but Stephanie decided to have one big class at 3:00-4:30.  The only issue is that the Cardston kids don't get out of school until 3:00!  I got Emma changed and ready for her ride... and then they were a little later getting here than expected - and then they got stuck!  I'm sure she'll only get about 45 minutes of the 1 1/2 hour class, but at least we tried!

Ben's martial arts registration night is coming up next week.  We have to decide whether or not we'll put him in for one or two nights a week.  Lennard really wants to put him in twice a week so that he'll learn and remember the moves a bit better.  I'm just not sure I'm ready for another activity going on twice a week.  Yikes.

Our ward temple night was supposed to be tonight, but with all the snow, the bishop cancelled it and it will probably be next week sometime.  At least that frees up our evening.  I attempted to shovel our driveway this afternoon, but I only got about 1/3 done before I was too cold to keep going.  It was about -22 and then the windchill on top of that.  Brrrr!

Anyways - that's our life in a nutshell the last little while.  I need to figure out how to get my phone connected to this new computer so that I can download pictures a little easier, but I'll add them when I can.

Ben's off playing at the neighbor's house.  Emma's at dance class.  Lennard's picking up airplane stuff from Babb... and I should be cleaning up and getting dinner on the table.  Oh well... I'm updating the blog instead!

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Mindy organized another temple day for us to do sealings that she had ready. After a lazy morning, and wolfing down my breakfast so that I could get to the temple on time, I raced in to the temple and found that I wasn't the last to arrive!  (Lennard stayed home with the kids, since having a broken right wrist doesn't help much.)  We ended up waiting for my Dad and Uncle Scott for a few minutes and then ended up starting without Shauna & Matt (they came after the first sealing was done).  We got a lot of families sealed together, taking turns as we went.  Shauna had gone on a long run this morning and didn't end up eating any breakfast before heading to the temple, so she ended up almost passing out!  Once she got cooled down and had some water she said she felt better, but she didn't do anymore sealings after that either.  Shauna, Matt and I left a bit earlier than the rest of our group who stayed to help another family with their sealings.  I sat and visited with them while they had some lunch and then they drove me home.  It was a nice way to spend the morning.

The kids were off to play with friends when I got home so Lennard and I both layed down for a rest... Lennard fell asleep immediately and, after listening to him snore, I got up and went to watch a show on tv.  After about an hour, the kids came home and we headed out to the airport to go through the trailer and organize things a bit more.  We went to the RV show in Lethbridge last night, so now we have the travel bug.  We got a lot of measurements and ideas on how to streamline things a bit.  As we headed out from the airport, someone needed fuel, so we stopped to do that and then we went home so that I could leave to go to Lethbridge with my mom!

I love having some one-on-one time with my mom.  She needed to get a bunch of groceries, so we went to Costco first.  I'm not sure what was going on in Lethbridge today, but it was nuts!  The line ups for the checkouts were clear back to the books on both sides!  After Costco, we popped in to Value Village.  Mom needed a bunch of work shirts, but instead she found a few shirts for Dad.  I found a new-to-me purse (since mine is literally falling apart).

By then, we decided to head over to Firestone where we were going to meet Shauna, Mindy and Trisha for dinner.  It was 5:30 when we got there and we'd told everyone to meet at 6:00.  We figured if there was a wait, we'd at least get on the list and cut their wait down a bit.  They told us it would be an hour wait (only 30 minutes for the rest of the girls), so we decided to wait.  Big mistake!  It was almost 1 hour and 45 minutes before we got to our table and another half hour or more before we got food!  I was starving!  And then the food wasn't very hot (or very good).  Grrr!  Thankfully, the company completely made up for the wait.  I love visiting with my sisters.  Seriously laughed so hard!  Before we even got to our table, Trisha had us in tears as she started handing out chocolate mints to everyone waiting and apologizing for the wait!  (The hostess station had the chocolates there to take on their way out.)  There were a few people looking at her weird, but we just thought it was hilarious.  The laughs didn't stop and we had the best server ever.  At one point, we asked him if our food was ever going to come and a few minutes later he came out with steak knives and informed us that he'd now 'armed us' in case we had to fight for our food.  Hilarious.

We decided the next girl's night will be at my house, so I can make everyone Yorkshire pudding that actually taste good.  (That's what mom and I had for our meal.)  Such a fun night with tons of laughs. I am so blessed to have such wonderful sisters/mom.  (We missed Melissa, Rachel and Nysha!)

(Of course - there's no picture of me... I'm always behind the camera...)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thank You

Attending church on Sunday and going to Adult Sunday School and Relief Society was a strange experience after being in Primary for over 3 years.  I caught myself drifting off.  I have been used to being so busy and up and down in Primary that to sit for the full hour without getting up was a challenge!  I also sat in Sunday School and could tell which kid was in the hallway.  I know them all and it was hard not to be with them.  Having said that, it was nice not to have to deal with teachers, finding subs, getting everything organized, etc.  Oh well...

Anyways, I had the new Primary President (Holly M) pop by this afternoon and hand me a card!  In it were two pictures of 'my' Primary kids saying Thank you!  It totally made my day.  I especially love that Junior Primary is making silly faces - made me feel like a normal Sunday!  (ha! ha!)

I sure love these kids.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Babysitting Duties

My parents have been working on the airplane when they have time and Lennard has been pretty anxious to see what's been happening, so today, my parents picked him up and took him out to the airport with them.  I told them that they were on official babysitting duties to make sure Lennard doesn't do anything with his right hand!  It has been SO good for Lennard to focus on something other than what he can't do though.  He's been able to find parts, follow the plans and just talk airplanes.  It's been a lifesaver!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Going Home

This is how I found Lennard when I got to the hospital!  He was definitely ready to head home! Neither of us had slept very well.  He had nurses in every two hours and I just wasn't feeling well.  He texted me just after 7:00, so I got up, got ready and was over to the hospital by 8:00.  It is so cold outside that I wasn't sure the van would even start.  Then, when it did start, I had to wait for the windshield to thaw before I could drive!  

It took about another hour or so before all the 'stuff' got done for him to leave.  He is pretty sore and tired, but we are both glad to get home!  Thank goodness my parents were willing and able to stay and take care of the kids for us.  We can never repay them!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


We were told to be at the hospital for 8:30 and that Lennard couldn't have anything to eat or drink from midnight on.  We visited with the kids quick before we left the hotel and then we were on our way.  He got admitted and then up to the 3rd floor we went... to wait.  Since Lennard was an add-on, they didn't have a room for him for quite a while.  Thankfully, the chairs in the waiting room were fairly comfortable!  They finally came to get him and go through the pre-op stuff, get his IV in, etc and then we waited some more.  He went in to surgery at about 1:00 and then the waiting game began.

Only this arm!
I hadn't eaten anything all day since I didn't want to eat in front of him and I didn't know when he would be taken in so I didn't want to go get something in case.  I was starving!  When they took him in to surgery, I went downstairs and got a sandwich and some orange juice and read my book for a while.  Then I went back up to the third floor and hung out.  They'd told me the surgery would be about 60-90 minutes long and then about an hour in recovery.  The South Campus is all brand new and they had a screen with color codes so that you could look for the patient's initials and the doctors name and be able to see where they were at - ready for OR, in OR, in recovery, etc.  I sat and watched and waited for hours.  He finally got back to his room about 5:00pm!  I was stressing out that they had run into complications or that they would have had to take the bone graft from his hip, but everything was fine.  He just took a long time to come out of the anesthetic.  Thankfully, Dr. White was able to do the bone graft from his radius so he didn't have to have the pain in his hip.  He said everything went really well and he was happy with the surgery.  He offered to discharge Lennard tonight, but he was still so out of it that Lennard asked if he could stay the night.

I finally left at about 7:00 after Lennard had eaten something and was settled for the night.  I went and booked myself back in to the hotel and crashed.  I didn't have dinner, I didn't call anyone, I was completely exhausted.  It definitely didn't help that I have a horrible cold and feel rotten.  Such a long day!