Saturday, May 13, 2017

Father-Son Time

Lennard had an Elder's Quorum activity this morning to go out shooting gophers.  Since Emma had got a night out with me this week, he decided to take Ben with him.  When Ben discovered that they were going to go shoot guns, he was ecstatic!  He watched as Lennard cleaned the gun and gathered the ammo, etc.  He got to carry the gun to the truck (don't worry - the trigger lock was on!).
I love seeing these moments of bonding and complete contentment.  My handsome men.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Really, Honestly and Truly...

Emma came racing into the house in tears exclaiming, "___ said that you traded for me and that I'm not really part of the Nichols' family!  That's not true, is it mom?!"  I of course assured her that she is truly part of our family and then had to go on to explain that sometimes kids don't understand what adoption is all about.  She knows that she is adopted.  She knows she has a birth mom and a birth dad and that we love them.  She knows that we've been sealed together in the temple and that we will be together forever.  I think she just needed some reassurance that everything was still okay - even after those kinds of comments.  How anyone could think she's not part of our family is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that she will hear those kinds of comments again. I pray that she will know that she can always come to us and KNOW that she is ours forever.  I just didn't think we'd have to deal with comments like this until she was a little older. My heart hurts a little.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Martial Arts Tournament

Ben had his tournament in martial arts this evening.  I had to run Emma up to soccer, so I ended up missing seeing Ben test his Form 2 with the group, but I did make it there in time to see him awarded with the gold medal!  Look at his face!  He's worked so hard this semester and it payed off!

He was sure proud of himself!
 He also got a bronze medal in the group forms and then he got a chance to spar.  He's only done it once before, so he didn't win any of his matches, but it was a good opportunity for him to try.
 I love seeing how proud he is of his medals.

 Seriously... such a cute boy!  We are so happy that he's loving martial arts and learning lots.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mother-Daughter Activity

Ever since this activity was announced, Emma has been anxious for it to happen.  Since I'm on the activity committee, I had to be at the chapel at 2:00 to help set up and get food prepped.  Ben came with me and ran around like a crazy man with two other little boys and then Emma came after school until Lennard could pick them up.  Ben had baseball, so Lennard took care of the kids while I kept working at the church.  I should have had dinner ready for everyone before I left, but it just didn't happen.  Emma got a quick snack and then we headed back up to the church for last minute set up.

Since we were there early, Emma got to get her face painted right away!  She was thrilled and the lady doing the face painting was amazing!  She did such a good job!

We had a short lesson and then everyone was able to go do the classes they'd signed up for or have their picnic lunch that we'd provided.  We raced out and ended up being first in line to get our picture taken together.  We should have waited to get her face painted until afterwards, but oh well.  

Emma was excited to make her treasure box!  She stayed there for at least half an hour adding more and more decorations to her box.  It worked out well, since I was running a class too and tried to be in two places at once!  Thankfully, I didn't have very many people sign up for mine, so I was free to be with her most of the time.
 My class was a super simple photo frame where they just had to paint the back board, add some patterned duct tape to the front and glue a little clip to attach their photo.  Auri was excited to paint her own!

 Once Emma had done her treasure box, she made a cute keychain with her initial on it.  That completed what we'd signed up for, but she was 'bored', so one of the other sisters told her that she could make a bookmark if she wanted.  I ended up doing most of it for her, but she did all the folding, so I guess it was a team effort.
 Emma was happy to get to hold Gwen... and Auri just wanted in on the picture!  Too cute!
I had to stay and help clean up, so it was almost 8:30 by the time I got Emma home to bed.  They weren't done cleaning up, but she was fading fast!  She kept thanking me for taking her.  I wish I'd been able to just spend the whole night with her, but I'm glad she still had fun!

Monday, May 8, 2017

It's OFF!

Happy, happy day!  Lennard drove to Calgary bright and early this morning for another follow-up appointment with Dr. White.  After a bit of mix up with x-ray and CT and the staff figuring out what actually needed to be done and when... he finally saw the doctor at about 10:50. 

Dr. White looked at the x-ray and CT scan and said that it's still not quite 50% healed... but, he thought it would be okay for Lennard to be in a splint now instead of a cast!  Hooray!

He's not supposed to lift anything (no pianos!), but he can take the splint off if he's just sitting around at home.  To say that Lennard was slightly happy would be an understatement.  I haven't seen that big of a smile in 7 1/2 months!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Busy Day

We have had such a crazy, busy day today - but it has been so nice to get so many things accomplished!  I worked on getting the 'cave' cleaned out.  The storage room under our kitchen ends up being a catch all for a lot of stuff, so I managed to pull out LOTS of things that were donated, sold or thrown out.  While I did that, Lennard worked on cleaning out the gutters and siliconing one corner that has been consistently dripping for way too long.

 We ended up doing two runs to the dump with stuff from the house and then hangar.  I got a bunch of laundry got done.  Emma went to another birthday party just after lunch (Ty) where they got to have pizza and cake and then go swimming at the hotel.  She had a blast!

Ben played with friends some of the time and helped us out too.  When Emma got home from her party, she was then invited to go to Izzy's house on her bike... so off she went again! (popular girl!)  

While Emma was at Izzy's, we went out to the hangar and we got the rudder pedals finished on the plane!  Lennard has been contemplating how he wanted to finish them and didn't really want to take everything apart again to pain them, so he ordered a textured (wing-walk) adhesive to adhere to them. I cut them to size, then we were able to trim around them and it was done!  Hooray!  Now he can get everything hooked up and install them.

We were on our way to get Emma when we got a message from Shannon.  Long story short, we ended up picking up Lawson from the hospital for her (he'd just got stitches from a missed baseball catch) and bringing him home so he could be there for his birthday party.  We then got Emma, went back downtown to pick up the pizza we ordered and headed home for dinner!

What a day!  We had a donair pizza - YUM!  It definitely hit the spot after running around all day.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Dance Recital

Emma was so excited for her dance recital.  I think mostly because she got to dress up and wear make-up!  We had to be in Mountain View for her dress rehearsal at 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  It was a little crazy, as they were still setting up stuff and getting girls hair and makeup done until almost 4:40.  They also fit in a few class pictures.  It's not the best picture, but I snuck under Stephanie's arm and tried to get one with my camera. At least it's something!

I grabbed a quick one of just Emma as the next class was coming in, so I didn't even get to fix her costume.  Oh well... once again... it's better than nothing!
The rehearsal was a 'bit' chaotic... but I think every rehearsal is.  Emma was pretty tired by the time we got home!

Today, as soon as school was done, Emma got to go to her friend's birthday party (Brielle).  I picked her up at 3:00 and then had to get her cleaned up.  We got something for dinner and then got her hair and make up done and headed out to Mountain View.  We got there plenty early, but the majority of the seats were already reserved.  Thankfully we found four seats about 4-5 rows back for us and my parents.  Ben had to sit on my lap the whole time, but we had a good view.

Emma's class performed three numbers: "Be a Friend" (tap), "Only a Breath Away" (ballet) and "Ice Cream Freeze" (jazz/hip hop).  She did such a good job.

Once the recital was done, they each got a medal and then we attempted to get a group picture.  It was interesting trying to get one from where we were sitting, but it gives you an idea of how many dancers there were!  (Emma is on the left hand side of the photo in front of the 3rd girl in the back.)

 They had roses for sale this year and Emma was thrilled when Lennard gave her two pink roses.
 Miss Stephanie has been such a wonderful teacher to these kids.  Emma loves her!  We look forward to continuing with her in the Fall.